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Best Guide On Backup  v.1.0

Online Backup Base. No one wants to think about it, but data loss truly is the unspoken business disaster waiting to happen. Best Guide On Backup -

E-Library  v.3.0

E-Library makes it easy for you to manage all your books, fiction, none-fiction or any user defined type, in one database. The program makes it easy to search and find the book or author you are looking for. Find the book and read about it or the


Recover Orphaned OST File  v.1.0

If you have question in your mind that How to Recover Orphaned OST File and you need permanent solution for it then get ready to go through with new PDS OST to PST recovery software because definitely you will come out once you will just read about

PDFconverter  v.2.1

Do you have large numbers of PDF documents that need to show on your web pages. However, due to the size of PDF files is usually bigger than other formats, so they are not suit for upload to the web sites. How should we do? Do not worry about it!

Save-It  v.1. 1. 2003

Save-It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save your user files that change constantly or daily. Select the files you want backed up, how often or what time, and forget about it. Your files will be backed up when you want.

AutoRun Vaccine  v.1.2

Enable or disable the AutoRun feature of Windows. AutoRun Vaccine is a software to enable or disable the AutoRun feature of Windows. You can read more about AutoRun here.Why do I need it? Many trojans today take advantage of AutoRun to infect USB

Win7shell  v.2.0

Win7shell is a simple plugin for Winamp, that integrates it with the new taskbar of Windows 7. As you may know the taskbar offers lots of new features, which you can read about everywhere, including here. Why would you need this?

Dog Breed Selector  v.

Are you considering bringing a dog into your home, but just can't decide which one best suits you? Or Are you Curious about the different breeds of dogs and know about it. We are here to help choose the right dog for your lifestyle. Read

Personal Adviser

How often does it happen to you that you need a quick solution but you have no time on thinking about it? How often does it happen to you that you need surf through a bunch of useless internet content looking for the exact thing you need? Here is your

CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition  v.3.0

If you have read about explicit, geometry-based 3D CAD, you know it is the best approach for creating flexible, lightweight designs. Now, PTC brings you a free download from the CoCreate product family - CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition,

Qua Tang Y Nghia  v.

This is a Vietnamese application. It helps you choose a good gift for an event. You can read about some suggestion. You also can see the detail of some common gift. This is the full version of "Qua Tang Y Nghia" application. ======================


Developed by Hussein Osseili KAZDOURA (Trip in English) takes you in a panoramic view to the tourism places in Lebanon. You can discover the location of the city by using the map. You are also able to read a little information about it. All you have

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